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Excess glandular tissue (gynecomastia), excess fatty tissue (pseudogynecomastia) and excess axillary (armpit) fatty tissue can cause the male chest to lose its masculine shape and take on a feminine appearance, leaving men feeling self-conscious and causing them to cover these areas with bulky and baggy layers of clothing. In the past, Liposuction and surgical mastopexy were the primary methods for addressing this unwanted problem. Renewal offers a less invasive treatment option to restore the chest to its masculine form.

The Treatment:  Advanced Liposculpture, Hidefinition Liposculpture

  • Anesthesia:  Awake, local tumescent anesthesia

  • Technology:  Triplex™ laser, VASER™ Liposculpture

  • Downtime: 3 days

  • Cost: $4500 - 5900 All inclusive

  • Alternative Treatments: Male Mastopexy, Traditional Liposuction.

  • Result: Reduced chest size and a more masculine appearance.

More Information

Overview: This enhancement, if performed correctly can produce outstanding results. Many men struggle with their chest and it is important to break it down into the various components and problems.


When considering chest contouring procedures, there are many options. Dr. Miller will provide appropriate recommendations at the time of your consultation.

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