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I couldn’t believe it was my body I was looking at in the pictures.  I had a beautifully shaped waistline.  No love handles.

Define Your Back Shape with Advanced Liposculpture

Your back and sides define your overall shape and affect the fit and feel of your clothing. Fatty deposits in the areas of the flanks, waist, and bra rolls are highly resistant to diet and exercise, and can leave you feeling uncomfortable and less confident.

Our most requested solution to this is Renewal Body Contouring’s signature Advanced Liposculpture treatment. Each treatment is custom designed for you, to get rid of bulges, refine your waist, and create your optimal contour. It is our priority that you get your best shape while enjoying a private, comfortable, and safe experience.

The next best step is to find out if you’re a candidate for back liposuction in Raleigh & Durham, NC at Renewal Body Contouring in a private consultation.

Female Waist Reduction and Refinement

Through age and circumstances your waist can become less defined and even boxy. Even small changes in diet and exercise can affect your unique optimal silhouette. To address these concerns, Dr. Miller has developed a technique to draw in the waist and create a smoother, thinner contour. This requires a high level of precision and a full understanding of your body’s anatomy. He begins with your unique ideal physique in mind, then carefully plans each step of the process, delicately sculpting your body to its optimal shape.

Male Waist Reduction and Refinement

The ideal male back anatomy is defined by the “V” formed by the width of the latissimus dorsi tapering down to the buttocks. Fat accumulated in the lower back (love handles) and sides disrupts this masculine shape, causing an increased circumference in waist and a feminine shape. Fat in this area is highly resistant to diet and exercise. We’ve seen ultramarathoners, Army Special Forces, competitive body builders who just can’t seem to get it off. This is an area we love to sculpt away because of the impact that it makes on these people’s lives. The procedure takes 1-2 hours and the results are immediate. By the next day, you will take off your garment and see significant difference. You may have swelling for a little while after, but keep the compression on and you’ll see the swelling go down in a month or two. The scars usually disappear so you don’t look like you have anything done. We expect you to take the credit.

Male Waist Reduction and Refinement

Sculpting Masculine Confidence

Coolsculpting and SculpSure have both had minimal success in creating a considerable reduction in this area. Dr. Miller in some cases may recommend SculpSure for the lower back and flanks, but the primary treatment recommended for this area is Advanced Liposculpture. The small increase in risk and cost compared with the non-invasive technologies is small compared to the relative advantage of creating a chiseled final result. In addition, because the ideal aesthetic for men is different than the small waist and larger hip contour for the female body, the areas of the hips and flanks need to be sculpted accordingly.

The technique for refining a man’s waist must account for the masculine anatomy with care to enhance masculinity. To address this, Dr. Miller may use any one of his levels of enhancement to remove the fat of the flanks and sculpt the area to the optimal form.

Back and Bra Line Fat

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