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The TriContour™ Process was developed after years of innovation to provide precision and safety to the art of body sculpting. Every abdominal liposuction treatment in Raleigh, NC with Dr. Jason Miller is custom-planned and expertly-performed to address your unique shape and achieve optimal contour.

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The Difference




TriContour, commonly associated with Advanced Liposculpture, uses curated precision instruments in combination with finely honed techniques create gentle removal of unwanted adipose tissue while preserving the healthy tissue

Traditional Liposuction


Instruments used during traditional liposuction are typically larger and bulkier. There is no intermediate step preparing the fat for selective removal. It’s similar to using a large crayon versus a fine-tipped pen.



Because there is less damage to healthy tissues, there is less pain and therefore no need for general anesthetics.


The larger, more aggressive cannulas can cause more damage to health tissues which can cause pain that requires general anesthesia to manage.



Preserving healthy tissues and elimination of the anesthesia risks, protect against complications.


The combination of collateral tissue damage and the risk of anesthesia significantly increase morbidity and mortality.



The preservation of healthy tissues reduces post-treatment pain, reduces bruising, and speeds the healing process.


Damage to healthy tissues can cause excessive swelling, bruising, and injury to muscles, causing severe postoperative pain and prolonged recovery.



With greater precision, the areas of the body can be sculpted to the desired shape and prevent contour irregularities like lumps and waviness caused by skin and muscle damage.


The relative lack of precision of traditional instruments and techniques make it much more difficult to achieve optimal results.

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What to Expect: The Treatment Process for the Abdomen


Great outcomes begin with the moment you meet the doctor. Dr. Miller will evaluate your problem area and determine the best course of treatment. If you are a candidate, he will use your expressed desires to direct the rest of the treatment process.

Mapping your Body for Optimal Results

Just before your treatment, Dr. Miller will place surface markers so he can mentally visualize your three dimensional anatomy throughout the treatment process. This allows him to make minor precise adjustments to further refine and optimize your results.

The Treatment

After the area is completely numb, the Dr. Miller uses a small laser fiber to deliver fat-melting energy to the area. It is during this second step that the skin tightening treatments come in (See TummyTite and 3D Sidefire). The fat is then removed and the area is sculpted to its optimal shape.

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Tri-Contour Process

Step 1: Ensuring Comfort

Numbing fluid is infused into the fat through tiny openings in the skin. This ensures that the area is completely numb and protects the healthy tissues for the remainder of the treatment.

Before and after lipo treatment on the abdomen with Dr. Jason Miller

Step 2: Gentle Melting

The Smartlipo Triplex Laser is used to gently "melt" fat and stimulate collagen production, allowing the skin to tighten over time.

Before and after lipo treatment on the abdomen with Dr. Jason Miller

Step 3: Gentle Elimination

Finally, the liquified fat is removed using the MicroAire™ power-assisted liposuction system, which facilitates increased control and precision when contouring the area.

Before and after lipo treatment on the abdomen with Dr. Jason Miller

Recovery of Abdominal Liposculpture Treatment

Our treatment is designed to limit recovery time and discomfort. Your treatment will be customized to your individual anatomy and needs, so your recovery times may vary. Many of our patients return to work the next day, though we recommend that you give yourself at least two days to rest. You may be sore the day following the treatment, but most patients find that Tylenol provides enough comfort. We will provide a compression garment for you to wear for 3 weeks, but you may need to wear it longer depending on how the area is healing.

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Am I a candidate?

Our abdominal treatments are highly specialized techniques, so they may not be the best for you. During your consultation for abdominal liposuction in the Raleigh & Durham NC area, you will get an expert evaluation and an honest recommendation. Below are some of the factors that may indicate that you'll need a different procedure.

Severely Loose or hanging skin

Skin that has stretched beyond its limits can develop stretch marks and or excess skin. Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) is an invasive surgical procedure designed to address this by removing excess skin. It comes with a longer recovery and a large scar, but if done well, it can eliminate the hanging of skin caused by pregnancy or massive weight loss. Dr. Miller has a strong network of excellent providers who he can recommend if a tummy tuck is required.

Muscle wall weakness or Diastasis Recti

Childbearing and precipitous weight gain cause increased pressure inside the abdomen which can potentially separate the abdominal rectus muscles. This is called a Diastasis. It may resolve on it's own, but persistent diastasis also requires repair with abdominoplasty.

Visceral abdominal Fat

This form of fat is located underneath the muscle of the abdomen and surrounds the organs and the intestines. This fat causes the abdomen to become hard and tight and is often referred to as “beer gut”. Because the fat is surrounding vital structures like the liver, intestines, and major blood vessels, attempted removal with liposuction would be dangerous and potentially fatal. If you are concerned that you have visceral fat, you are welcome to come in for an evaluation, but Dr. Miller may recommend you to someone who can help make positive changes to your metabolism.


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