Mastery of Liposculpture

An Interview with Dr. Jason Miller

Miller-HeadshotLiposculpture (smartlipo, traditional liposuction, vaser liposuction) is an art, not just a procedure. A surgeon can read volumes of texts from front to back, obtain years of experience, and keep up with all the latest in techniques, but still not achieve results that amaze patients… Having taught several plastic and cosmetic surgeons liposculpture, I found that it takes more than just knowhow… it takes talent, a genuine care for patients, and the ability to visualize anatomy in three dimensions.”   Jason Miller, MD.

Jennifer: Can liposculpture be performed on anyone?

Dr. Miller: Liposculpture is a customized procedure that requires that an individual be a good candidate.  It’s not meant for everyone. During an expert evaluation, many factors are used to determine if a patient is a good candidate: the size of the area, BMI of the individual, if they have recently gained a lot of weight, and skin laxity. Skin laxity and the presence of stretch marks plays a big role in the evaluation process. The laser energy can be used to achieve a moderate degree of skin tightening, but for some patients, it would not provide the results that can be achieved with an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck.

In addition, health conditions of the patient are important to consider during an evaluation. Smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, and hypothyroidism (low thyroid) can significantly increase the risk for complications.

Finally, it is important to communicate expectations and the limitations of the procedure. I will not perform a procedure if I feel that it will not create the desired result.

Jennifer: Is there a certain body type that is optimal for great results?

Dr. Miller: Everyone has a different type of body. There is not a particular body type that is better than another. Ideal candidates are in good health, generally fit, with a localized area of fat or bulge that concerns them.

Jennifer: Do you have a specific technique that allows you to get such great results?

Dr. Miller: I do have specific techniques I have learned throughout my years of experience. I have performed over 2000 procedures from which I was able to adopt different types of techniques and technologies that help me achieve excellent results. I strive to achieve the best results for all of my patients because I care about each individual patient as if they were my own family. I customize the procedure I’m performing to cater to each patient’s individual needs. The key to excellent liposculpture results is not just developing the surgical skill but also having a three-dimensional understanding of the anatomy of the human body. Aside from the technical considerations, I focus on how to transform that individual into the very best they can be.

Jennifer: Do you consider yourself an expert at liposcultpure?

Dr. Miller: I consider myself as one who continues to master the art of liposculpture. Early on, I decided to do this as my sole focus. Being able to focus on one particular area of cosmetic surgery and doing it every single day has allowed me a higher degree of mastery than I otherwise would have had I adopted many other types of treatment options. My focus throughout the past few years has led to a certain degree of mastery.

Jennifer: Do you think being a specialized practice benefits your patients?

Dr. Miller: I firmly believe that being a specialized practice benefits my patients. Everything about my practice is setup specifically for the procedures I perform. The staff is well trained for this procedure, all of my equipment is specifically developed for this procedure, and even the interior architecture and the lighting of our office are designed specifically for this procedure. Being able to put all of our resources into one hyper-specialized field has 1) created a great experience for our patients, 2) allowed me to develop a higher level of mastery and expertise, and 3) provide the best post operative care and create specialized care for our patients.

Jennifer: Does post-operative care affect the final results of the procedure?

Dr. Miller: Post-operative care is a very important factor in achieving great results. It is a team effort between patient and doctor. I maintain my availability for my patients. I provide them with my contact information so they can call me directly to resolve any potential issues that might arise. Our practice is centered-around our patients needs. The procedure is just the first phase. The second phase is how well we take care post operatively. We work with our patients as a team to make sure they get the best results and maintain them.

How long do HiDefinition Liposculpture results last?

How long do HiDefinition Liposculpture results last? 

A case study in long-term results with HiDef

A common question I hear from men considering HiDefinition Liposculpture is “How long do the results last?” and “How do I maintain my results?” As with any other investment, knowing how things will perform for you long-term is an important factor in making a decision.

Today, I was surprised by a visit from a man who was a patient of mine almost 4 years ago. Before coming to me, he had always maintained a healthy diet and a consistent fitness routine, but he grew frustrated with his inability to improve his abdominal definition.

Before seeing me he had undergone laser lipolysis using Smartlipo, but he experienced only a minimal reduction in fat and could see no noticeable change in his abdominal definition. I performed HiDefinition Liposculpture on his abdomen under awake local anesthesia, and his postoperative course went well.

Hidefinition Liposculpture
Results 4 days after HiDefinition liposculpture

I’ve included his before and after pictures taken approximately 4 days after his procedure. As you can see, prior to his procedure, his definition was blunted by the layers of fat that go untreated during regular Smartlipo.

Today, he asked if I wanted to take a look at the areas. I was happy to see that his results were just as good as after he underwent the procedure.

I asked him about the diet and exercise routines he used to maintain his results:

Just the same as before. I’ve always maintained a low carb diet, and though I’m busy with work and life, I still find a couple of days a week to get to the gym”.

I was also curious about how his results had changed things for him, especially in terms of his confidence:

Dude, my definition is intense. I get a lot of attention on the beach now, and the girls I date are about 10 years younger than they were before [the surgery]”.

I asked if we could take a few pictures to give men an idea of what things look like after a few years, and so he agreed to allow us to use these pictures.

Results after almost 4 years

As you can see, he has done well in maintaining his results. The oblique line and the linea alba lines as well as the tendinous insertions have remained (all are components of the six pack). He has also maintained the dynamics of his definition that coincide with engagement and relaxation of his core.

I appreciate his allowing me to share his story and his pictures. I do consider HiDefinition Liposculpture an art form that will continue to require mastery of the most advanced liposuction techniques.

I enjoy it—not just for how it changes a man’s appearance almost instantaneously, but also for how it changes the way men face the world every day.

Phentermine Medi Weight Loss vs Liposculpture

Long-term Results without prescriptions

Phentermine Weight lossIf you’ve explored ways to shed those stubborn excess inches, chances are you’ve come across a variety of options to address your trouble areas. Diet, exercise, detox and even prescription drugs such as Phentermine often top the list for ways to jumpstart your body into weightloss mode.

Phentermine is a stimulant prescribed as an appetite suppressant that can assist in short-term weight loss.  While often prescribed, in combination with diet and exercise, for people struggling with obesity, Phentermine only offers short-term relief.  But it rarely helps patients permanently reduce body fat and maintain results over the long haul.

Because Phentermine can only be safely prescribed for about a two-month cycle, patients who are cycled off will often experience a reversal of their progress.  Often at the end of a cycle, the body quickly readjusts to an increased appetite and the weight comes back.

Liposculpture:  Another alternative with long-term results

At Renewal Body Contouring, our staff advocates a healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise and other healthy practices, but we also realize how difficult it is lose those unwanted inches. What we’ve experienced with more than 1,500 non-invasive and minimally-invasive fat removal procedures is that body contouring provides long-term fat reduction that, in turn, jumpstarts a continued lifestyle of healthy practices and healthy weight.

Unlike Traditional Liposuction, the SmartLipo Triplex™ utilized by Dr. Jason Miller safely, gently and permanently removes fatty deposits from the body. With the precision of advanced laser lipolysis technology, SmartLipo Triplex™ safely melts and permanently removes fat while shaping the treatment area to the body’s natural contour.

Patients in the Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, and Fayetteville, North Carolina and beyond have experienced a change in how they look, how they feel and how they face future weightloss challenges.

To learn more about the long-term options at Renewal Body Contouring, contact us for a free, complimentary consultation with Dr. Miller our surgical staff.



Liposuction at Renewal is very different from liposuction of the past. Our surgeon, Dr. Jason Miller, incorporates advanced techniques and proven technologies to deliver superior, natural-looking results, while ensuring his patients are comfortable and have a fast recovery.

Traditional Liposuction

Traditional Liposuction

Many plastic surgeons continue to perform liposuction using the similar tools and techniques established in the 1980s. Traditional liposuction uses mechanical forces to disrupt tissues and vacuum out subcutaneous fat. The large bore tubes known as cannulae remove large amounts of fat in a very short time. However, because of the traumatic nature of this procedure, general anesthesia is required to ensure the patients are not in pain. After the procedure, patients typically experience bruising and one to two weeks of recovery.

Proven Liposuction Technologies and Techniques at Renewal

Dr. Miller has dedicated his practice over the past several years to advancing the field of liposuction with a focus on the following objectives: This will be a diagram that is fully responsive and SEO friendly.


a. Natural: Results should appear as if you achieved the results yourself with diet and exercise.

b. Transforming: Results should be noticeable positive changes that make people feel great about their body.


Most critical complications arise when liposuction is performed under general anesthesia. So Dr. Miller performs all liposuction procedures under local anesthesia. Performing the procedure under local anesthesia also allows him to use a tightly-controlled sterile process in the facilities of Renewal rather than having the procedure in a hospital or surgical facility shared by other surgeons.


The local anesthesia technique Dr. Miller has advanced ensures that you experience little to no pain during your liposculpture procedure. Most patients report feeling only minimal pressure, but no pain.


Because the procedure does not require general anesthesia, you will be able to return home almost immediately after the procedure. With the use of the new proven technologies including the Smartlipo Triplex and VASER Liposelection, there is less bruising and less postoperative discomfort. Most of Dr. Miller’s patients are able to return to work within 2 – 3 days.


Liposuction shouldn’t be so cost-prohibitive that only movie stars and the very rich have access. Because the procedures do not require a hospital facility or an anesthesiologist, there are no additional costs for the surgical center or anesthesia fees.  Click here for more about cost and financing at Renewal Body Contouring.

Dr. Miller continues to make advancing the art liposculpture his primary focus. He works with other surgeons who are considered masters in the art of liposculpture to share his techniques and sharpen his skills. He also continues to train plastic and cosmetic surgeons on his techniques throughout the United States. His dedication and focus have paid off for over 1000 patients across the country and around the world who have entrusted their bodies to his skillful hands. We encourage you to learn more about the treatments we offer and to view Dr. Miller’s gallery.

Have questions?  Feel free to contact us.


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